We are indebted to all our wonderful alumni who contribute to the AMP and help our students. - Prof. Ajit Chaturvedi, Director IITR

I could have done some big mistakes if I would not have enrolled in this program. This program came out very useful to me. I think it had saved a lot of my time.

Anfal Ansari, B. Tech, Mech

Gaurav my mentor is amazing, he gave me a new perspective of thinking and a lot of value addition to my life not only related to career but in an holistic view of life. I would like to thank Alumni Mentorship team so much that they provide me an opportunity to connect to a gem.

Savish Bedi, Integrated MSc, Math

Mentor: Gaurav Nemade, BTech Computer Science, 2011, Product Manager at Google

Mentor: Brij N. Agrawal, MS Mech, 1966, Distinguished Professor at Naval Postgraduate School.

Thankyou very much sir!! Your guidance helped me a lot.

Mentor: Mr. Ram Goel, BTech Civil, 1966, Owner of SonyFM LLC

The Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP) is bringing many improvements in me. I feel fortunate to have Mr. Ram Goel as my mentor. Meeting him has made my journey as a civil engineering student a more insightful and interesting one. It feels great to have someone with such talent and vast experience guide me through, which wouldn't have been possible without AMP. 

PT Reddy, B. Tech Civil Engineering

Thanks a lot for being my Mentor, your guidance, and support during this critical time have actually helped a lot in realizing my goals. All your sessions have been very effective, I can feel a lot of change in the past few months and hope to have a lot more positive changes in the coming days.

Nishant Agrawal, B. Arch

Mentor: Animesh Bisaria, MTech Computer Science,1984

Mentor: Mr. Sushil Prakash, BTech, Electronics, 1974, Atal Innovation Mission at NITI Aayog 

I am benefiting a lot from the Alumni Mentorship Program (AMP) and wanted to show my immense appreciation and gratitude. I have been lucky to be allocated Mr. Sushil Prakash as my mentor and meetings with him have been very insightful and a great learning experience. The discussions are not only helping me in contemplating my dreams and passion but also in paving a path to achieve them

Pallavi Kaushik,  Ph.D. student in Computer Science