Partnership with SMP

We are excited to announce that we are entering into a partnership with the Student Mentorship Program (SMP) at Roorkee. SMP assigns a student mentor to every incoming student. Our goal is to assign an alumni mentor to every incoming student as well.

Call to Action

We will need about 70 mentors to support this new influx of mentees. Please consider volunteering for this effort. Signup link:


About AMP

AMP connects students to alumni. It has received very positive feedback from both students and mentors. We have about 200 mentors who have volunteered to help. However the reach of AMP has been limited, so far due to various factors. Students might hesitate reaching out to senior alumni, or due to AMP’s limited presence on campus.

About SMP

Student Mentorship Program assigns a mentor (a 3rd or 4th year student) to all 1st year students. It bridges the communication gap between senior and first-year students by providing an environment for healthy discussion, guidance and one to one counseling. It is one of the largest on-campus student initiatives and I think Roorkee is the only IIT to offer this program.

Since SMP and AMP have complementary goals, we are exploring if we can work together. We are hoping that this is a win-win partnership.


  • SMP and 1st year students get help from alumni mentors

  • AMP gets to serve many more students. Some of the students might form long-term bonds with the AMP mentors.

Model of allocating mentors

  • One SMP mentor is allocated 4 new 1st year students

  • One AMP mentor works with the SMP mentors and their mentees from their own branch (e.g. 3 AMP mentors from Mechanical are available to the 1st year Mech students)

  • The mentoring will be a in group setting due to the large number of mentees. We anticipate 1-2 meetings per month.


  • We plan to start this program in Oct 2022, when the 1st year batch starts. Students will be introduced to mentors in early Nov.


  • Updated Sep-25-2022

  • 1st year students are joining around 20th Oct. Roorkee has a new branch of AI and Data Science, so the intake of students will be around 1300 instead of 1100 last year.

  • Mentors will be introduced to 1st year students around the 2nd week of Nov